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收藏!设计宇宙大奖Designverse Awards 2023-2024报名通道全球开放!【完整版】

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目录 Contents
01 大奖概述 Awards Overview
02 终审评委团 Final Review Judging Panel
03 评奖流程 Awards Process
04 奖项设置 & 参评类别 Awards Setting &  Entry Categories
05 参评时间表 Awards Schedule
06 参评要求 Entry Requirements
07 报名方式 Registration
08 获奖权益 Awards Benefits
09 知识产权声明 Intellectual Property Statement
10 设奖机构 Awards Institutions
11 联系我们 Contact Us

设计宇宙大奖(Designverse Awards)旨在表彰对大设计产业链做出卓越贡献的设计机构、品牌/企业和极具影响力的大事件。该奖项是一个链接设计资源类机构和开发类机构的奖项平台,为开发类机构精准锁定设计细分领域的设计资源池,同时助力设计资源类机构,通过奖项平台依托的大数据及数据监测、搜索排名、资源链接、品牌推广的独特功能,全面观照自身在设计行业的位置,提升创新力和设计力,并通过奖项平台的宣传及推广服务来夯实自身的品牌建设。
Designverse Awards aims to recognize outstanding contributions made by design agencies, brands/enterprises, and influential events in the broader design industry. This award serves as a platform that connects design resource agencies with development agencies, providing access to a pool of design resources for the latter while supporting the former. The platform offers unique features such as big data and data monitoring, search ranking, resource linking, and brand promotion. These functions enable design resource agencies to comprehensively evaluate their positions in the industry and improve their innovation and design capabilities. Additionally, utilizing the publicity and promotional services provided by this award platform can enhance these agencies' own brand building endeavors.
*Design resource agencies: including scheme design, technical consultants, professional consultants, specialized consultants, operation consultants, etc.
*Development agencies: such as government, government development platforms, developers, brand owners from various industries, high quality private owners, etc.


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The final review judging panel is composed of 36 industry leaders who have a specific understanding of the design industry ecosystem, accumulated experience in collaboration, and sound judgment, as well as specialized jurors with international perspectives and extensive experience leading renowned works. Together, they will collectively select the "Designverse Awards Jury Grand Prize" in various sub-categories under space, product, and brands/major events categories. From these selections, the "Designverse Awards Outstanding Prize" will be determined, including six Outstanding Prize in space category (architecture, landscape, interiors, technical consultants, professional consultants, and specialized consultants), four Outstanding Prize in product category (residential, office, social and leisure, transportation), and two Outstanding Prize for annual major events. The final jury member also has the right to recommend two participating agencies directly shortlisted for Nomination Prize and set Special Jury Single Prize.

The order of final jury member is sequenced according to the alphabet sequence of each one's family name.