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2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition

Release Time: October 12, 2018

The nature of work has fundamentally shifted. Therefore how to maximize office space and users’ productivity becomes a hot topic. We shall unceasingly pay attention to new ideas and trends in office culture. And we need to envision flexible products which are able to satisfy current requirements, people’s feeling, and future demands of change.

Participants are free to think and we are expected to meet with your flexible office furniture for the Young Bird Plan 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition.

Before unveiling the shortlist of Top 40 in this competition, let’s feast our eyes on the big data and our participants.

The forward-looking and creative theme of the competition has attracted more overseas contestants than aboard partcipants. The proportion of domestic contestants in this competition is 36%, while the foreign counterpart is 64%. It shows that Young Bird Plan has grown into an international and inter-disciplinary platform, and caught more eyes from the industry. Our domestic and foreign contestants have impressed us a lot with their excellent projects.

The statistics show that more and more seasoned designers are inclined to join Young Bird Plan’s competition to compete with younger generation. Confronted with inter-disciplinary jury panel’s challenge, inexperienced designers have opportunities to practice.

Since its inception, Young Bird Plan has dedicated itself to helping designers transform ideas into reality. The concept of "patent production, floor construction" has long been the essence of the competitions held by Young Bird Plan. The captivating allure of this competition for students and young designers and even experienced participants is that Top 3 schemes will be fabricated. The age of 20 - 29 is still the main age of entry, accounting for 76 %. Seasoned designers over 40 also showed activity. Even a 72 - year - old contestant from the Netherlands and a 16 - year - old contestant from India entered the competition. It proves that with the development of our platform, more and more designers with different background have become our followers.

This competition has added constellation information. Among all contestants, Capricorn and Aquarius are the most numerous, with 30 and 28 competitors respectively, followed by Libra and Virgo, with 25 competitors each. Capricorn has strong tenacity and rational spirit, Aquarius has foresight and pioneer in the unknown field. Libra will give the work an absolute form of beauty. Virgo pursues perfection in his work. Contestants from different constellations are expected to demonstrate their distinctive characteristics in their work.

The majority of overseas participants are from developed countries in America, Europe, and Asia; some contestants even come from Serbia, Egypt, Uganda, Philippines, UAE, Israel, Venezuela, and so on.

Domestic figure displays that first and second-tier cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Tianjin are the most active areas of participation, followed by Nanning, Harbin and other cities.

In addition to contestants in Product Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design and other disciplines, participants in cross-border architectural design actually accounted for nearly half. Professional contestants such as Craft Design, Interior Design, Urban and Rural Planning, and Garden Design enrich the competition with something more than design itself. They add cultural colors and brand elements to their schemes, which will speak for Young Bird Plan's forward-looking wish - to make people feel happy in the office environment.

The participation rate of design enthusiasts has also increased compared with previous competitions, even students majoring in Food Science from Cornell University in the United States have also entered for the competition. In - service contestants also included user experience staff and western restaurant attendants. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to design and participate in design. Young Bird Plan hopes to build a competition platform for contestants in more fields to turn theory into practice.

This professional and forward - looking competition has attracted a number of students and designers from various universities and companies both at home and abroad. Below is a partial list of these renowned institutions.

Foreign universities (partial list):

Domestic universities (partial list):

Domestic and foreign firms (partial list):

Are you itching to see the entries now? To find the shortlist of Top 40 contestants, please visit:!

Congratulations to all the shortlisted contestants!

Each of you will be able to download an electronic version of certificate of honor (via website) on the page of “My competitions” after the competition is over!

-The End-

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