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A clear light-gray space serves as a backdrop to bright color block architectural elements, furniture, lighting, and brand style interplay, bringing the food and visitors into focus.

Release Time: March 16, 2022

Briket Market food court

Project – 2019

Total area – 680 m2

Photos – Leonid Sorokin

Furniture design – Dmitry Samygin

Furniture production - Budesh Buro
Bright colored powder-coated steel café tables and chairs from Pedrali

Lead Architects - Ivan Trofimov, Natalyia Trofimova.

Responsible for Architecture & Design – Irina Bugay, Architect.

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Bright red benches are custom from Russian designer Dmitry Samygin.

A neutral gray seating area has more Pedrali chairs, these in injection-moulded polypropylene.

The space receives ample natural light.

Elsewhere in the hall are bright colored powder-coated steel café tables and chairs from Pedrali.

Reflective stainless-steel panels adorn the ceiling.

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