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Release Time: May 9, 2020

Project Name: Vanke Cloud City (Simon)

Project Address: Nanshan district, Shenzhen

Completion Date (year and month): 2019.05

Structural Material: Reinforced concrete

Building Function: Commercial Building

Height Figures (Architectural): (-)13.50m-68.10m

Height Figures (Occupied Floor): 0.00m-63.60m

Height Figures (To Tip): 77.100m

Number of Floors: 13F

Elevator number, top speed: 3-5 numbers, 4.0m/s

Tower Gross Floor Area: 50,100 sqm

Number of Parking Spaces: 300

Owner/Developer: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd

Architects: Rocco Design Architects Limited

Structural Engineers: Capol International & Associates Group Shenzhen Branch 

MEP Engineers: Capol International & Associates Group Shenzhen Branch 

Main Contractors: China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corp. LTD

Façade consultant: 深圳天盛外墙技术咨询有限公司 Shenzhen Tesion Façade consulting co., LTD

Interior design: Rocco Design Studio


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This commercial center— located at the middle of a development zone in Shenzhen—creates a new neighborhood hub that knits the surrounding areas into a unified urban district. 

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The project sits in the middle of several important centers of life in the area, including a cherished park, a major commercial and residential district, and Tong Fa Nan Lu, one of the area’s most trafficked roadways. Previously, the undeveloped site disconnected these areas from one another, impeding pedestrian flow from one neighborhood to the next. Vanke Cloud City resolves this, slicing a soaring retail-lined atrium through the site that weaves the disparate neighborhoods into a cohesive downtown district. 

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The base of the development is lined with shops and cafes, generating activity at all hours and creating a lively, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. Offices on the higher floors of the tower are arrayed on the perimeter edges of the building, allowing signature landscaped terraces to overlook the public zones at the center of the development. A sculptural skybridge spans the public zone, linking the two sides of the terrace while introducing a new architectural focal point in the area.

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The design of the facade distinguishes between the commercial and office zones, resulting in a highly legible building that offers spaces tailored to their uses. The commercial areas are enclosed in an opaque facade that focuses the interior experience on the retail offerings within. The office portion of the building, on the other hand, is lined with floor-to-ceiling glass that maximizes views and daylighting, creating distinctive and contemporary work environments.

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