Promenade in Ivanic Grad, Croatia, Europe丨ATMOSFERA

Promenade in Ivanic Grad is set on the top of the embankment of the river Lonja within urban limits.

Release Time: June 29, 2021

Architecture Firm: ATMOSFERA

Project Name: Promenade in Ivanic Grad, Croatia, Europe


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Firm Location: Zagreb, Croatia, EU

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Completion Year: 2016 - 2020

Gross Built Area: 20 ha

Project location: Ivanic Grad, Zagreb County, Croatia, Europe

Lead Architects: Bernarda Silov, m.arch.,Davor Silov, m.arch.

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Additional Credits

Design Team: Bernarda Silov, m.arch. Davor Silov, m.arch.

Engineering: Kresimir Tarnik, m.eng.

Traffic: Alojzije Car, m.eng.

Media Provider Photo credits: Koridor 27 and Daniel Krznaric

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The river Lonja is the longest river originating and ending in Croatia, entering the river Sava. This meandering river flows through green, hilly, and lowland landscapes and invites fishermen, walkers, and nature lovers to come by.

The concept is the curve following the curve of the riverbed and the landscape. The walking trail is 300 cm wide and has rest areas with benches along the trail.

It is 2 km long and designed into three sections: the first section is sports and recreation center Zelenjak, the second section extends from Sava bridge to Tomislav bridge, and the third section is located just by the old town. The Green belt along the river and walking trail is designed as an art zone for sculptures, recreation, and sports… The walking trail is constructed as a reinforced concrete slab 20 cm thick. The Walking-cycling trail is sanded all the way to generator openings (river pebbles), while rest areas are covered with mosaic plaster.

We have designed four types of concrete benches and trash bins especially for this walking trail and the city of Ivanic Grad. A 9 mm thick layer of rubber is applied to the sitting area on the benches. Concrete molds for general elements are property of the city and are used in other public areas in the city.

This way the city of Ivanic Grad has gained a recognizable, particular and visual identity of the entire public space, and the walking trails have become a healthy everyday habit for the people of the city.

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