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Release Time: July 30, 2021

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ENNE©Alessandra Galli

Enne's characteristic? lt fits everywhere!

The ladder, an iconic product for excellence which a feature has been added to: the possibility of being closed. A project that arises from the observation of everyday Iife.

For those who live in small apartments, a ladder can be a bulky object. lts presence is essential in the houses, but its use is very limited. You never know where to store it, it is heavy and hard to move.

ENNE reduces a bulky object to a few centimeters in thickness. Perfect for those who own a small house, ideai for those spaces that are createci between walls and closets.

ENNE©Alessandra Galli

About the manufacturing process, the steps were not added but obtained from one of the two side pillars, thus optimizing the materiai and allowing the object to close completely on itself.

first prototype©Alessandra Galli

second prototype©Alessandra Galli

©Alessandra Galli

Designer Name: Alessandra Galli

Designer's lnstagram name: @_alessandra_galli

Designer's Website: www.alessandragalli.net

# Product Design # furniture design

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