The blooming dome

Release Time: June 30, 2021


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In the modern world, society, our goals, plans, children - in all aspects of life, we have taught ourselves to be in control. We are used to feeling safe only when we control ourselves, the present and the future. We choose proven scenarios and do not notice how we build walls around us physically and mentally.

In the city, nature often reminds us that the beautiful, lively, strong knows no boundaries. We build buildings, roads, erect our kingdom of control, and nature, without stopping at anything, sprouts flowers and trees through asphalt and concrete walls.

With my works I remind that we are all created by this beautiful chaos, and each of us has instincts and intuition that guide us. True beauty, an ideal, can only be created when you trust your most basic feelings, when you let go of control and just surrender to the flow. I dig wild clay right out of the ground, often you don't even have to leave town to find a source of beautiful natural material to work with. So I feel a special connection with nature, native, real.

When I work with clay, I always give the material the opportunity to express itself. Throughout the entire creativecycle, I respect this relationship on an equal footing. There are no mistakes in the working process. I give the clay freedom toget its own shape when firing, carolling the beauty of lettingthings go with a flow.

Process of creation, working with clay affects me with strong feelings - tender excitement of having full contact betweenmyself and nature. It charges me with inner strength, a wonderful state that I would like to share. To convey that feeling when you get closer to earth by creating an art piece.

People are now enjoying the fruits of the digital era intensively.I look around and I do not see faces - they are turned into screens. Adults and children alike get everything from the content, even our basic needs are met online. There is no more need to be distracted from devices, they give us everything. But I can’t find harmony in digitalization. More and more articles appear about negative impacts of getting a big amount of uncontrolled information, strongly idealized life images in social media and spending time tapping on glass screens- it can cause stress, depression, anxiety.

That is why I create my works always heavy, tactile, and impressive in their physical properties. I want to give sensory impressions, to awaken strong feelings. To create connection with nature. I’m trying to pull a modern person into reality, give him the opportunity to interact with primitive, natal and living. With something that is always with us, in us. Naturalization.

Among my earlier works there are “Dome” construction vases,top part of which is stylized as a texture of loose earth. I used this “dome” construction for a new object. In Blooming Dome,during the search for a new form, I created parts with free shapes which are placed into holes in the upper part of construction. After placing my two types of Dome Vases next to each other I noticed that growth was literally realized in my works.

The Blooming Dome consists of three parts - the body of an object in the form of a dome (there is no bottom) with holes at the top for placing “leaves” shapes and plants, a cup for water which is hidden inside and the “leaves” themselves. In a process of making leaves shapes I let them get their free uncontrolled shapes in a kiln during the firing process in a high temperature by placing.Ready forms are placed in the structure to create the image of a plant stretching towards the sun.

This work calls for action: play, change the “leaves” in places,decorate the flower placed in it, or remove them at all. Naturalceramic constructor. The sculptural shape of the object makes it full and self-sufficient also without plants inside. You can literally make yourself a bouquet without flowers.

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