Mayak Beach丨Architectural buro ab 2.0

Sochi's first modern sandy beach with sophisticated infrastructure and themed areas

Release Time: March 23, 2022

designed by ab2.0 architectural bureau for the Metropolis company

Author of the project/ head of the bureau/ leader of the team - Alisa Shmeleva

Architect - Ksenia Zakharova

General planner - Larisa Pepko
Client Metropolis company

Photo Dmitriy Chebanenko, Vlad Feoktistov

RussiaSochi Architects & General Constructors

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Mayak Beach is Sochi's first modern sandy beach with sophisticated infrastructure and themed areas. The concept of the beach is inspired by the atmosphere of the best beaches in the world: soft sand, white umbrellas, benches overlooking the sea along a wide promenade with paving reminiscent of nautical patterns on the sand.

The beach is located in the heart of Sochi, to the left of the Seaport. Before the transformation, the area was home to a water park, cafes and restaurants that blocked free access to the sea and other parts of the city promenade. The project envisaged the dismantling of water park and temporary structures. A spacious promenade was laid out across the entire area, finally giving people the opportunity to move freely along the shoreline and admire the beauty of the sea.

The renovated beach area is divided into several functional zones. A small space is located not far from the Seaport, where artificial turf is laid near the pond area, creating a refreshing oasis atmosphere. Closer to the sea, there is a wooden deck for practicing yoga and admiring yachts going out for a sailing trip. Scattered everywhere are topiary figures that kids love to play with.

In the sandy areas a classic beach view can be seen: sun loungers with white umbrellas, bungalows; the necessary resort infrastructure is organised too: a café, a restaurant, juice bars, a beach volleyball court and a playground as well as drinking water fountains and showers.

There is an up-to-date street food court at the end of the waterfront. The embankment itself is distinguished by an unusual pixelated arrangement of paving slabs, new lanterns illuminating the beach strip, background music and modern benches with a perfect sea view.

The architects worked as closely as possible with the original materials, adapting the infrastructure of the former water park and restaurants to modern functions. As a result, a small pond was preserved and cleaned up with an installed waterfall, the existing playground was rebuilt with a sandpit and fairy-tale figures, and sand tanks were set up in place of the pool bowls.

The design paid special attention to parents with young children and people with disabilities. There is a safe play and changing area on the beach for mothers with toddlers. Ramps have been built and wide paths have been laid out for people with disabilities to move around and feel comfortable on the beach.

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