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Release Time: September 27, 2021


_Young for Brand

_Branding for Enterprise and City

YoungBird aims to provide all-in-one solutions on branding and brand operation for enterprises and cities.

Deeply rooted in the big design industry chain for 16 years,

Originated from traditional authoritative media,

Traversing internet traffic media and new media,

Persevere constantly with innovation and creation,

Grow up into a platform center with focus on research and operation.


I. YoungBird Four Core Teams

YoungBird Branding & Big Event Planning Operation Center

Designverse Content Center

Designverse Big Data Research Center

Designverse Matching Center

II. YoungBird Two Important Brands


Young Bird Plan

I. YoungBird Four Core Teams

Introduction and Business of Four Core Teams – YoungBird Branding & Big Event Planning Operation Center, Designverse Content Center, Designverse Big Data Research Center, Designverse Matching Center

The strength of product’s good quality cannot ensure an enterprise stands out from the severe competitive market today. Top enterprises with great brand value have a stronger competitive power and are fortified with a deeper moat. YoungBird helps the brands solve how to attract consumers and enhance reputation since the cognition is an important factor that impacts the decision on consumption. It provides services such as images upgrading and IP planning, research on regeneration of space and iteration of product, customized planning on contents and events. YoungBird believes that branding and keeping brands young are the road all enterprises shall take.

YoungBird Branding & Big Event Planning Operation Center has shown its excellence in providing services for government development platform, investment institutes, developers, brands, design agencies. It further provides services and adds value to numerous top 500 renowned enterprises in various fields. By the professional experience in international design fields accumulated in the last 16 years, it helps all creative talents participate in this competitive stock market with focus on consumers.

It provides services such as construction and operation on website and new media as well as operation of social media, to accelerate enterprises’ pace on enhancing brand influence and lifting reputation of professional contents and apps. Through the media matrix of YoungBird, it touches accurately and widely target potential clients, partners and more than 1.3 million users of the big design industry chain worldwide.

On the basis of related design industry chain resources of the website, www.designverse.com.cn, including a large number of developers, design agencies, brands, universities and colleges, institutions, individuals, etc., it organizes and releases professional and diversified content products. Columns include Top Talk, Might Have Been, Eyes on Me, Super Nova, Gallery and others related to design.

It is responsible for releasing Designverse Rankings. The ranking depends on the evolving algorithm formula to generate data index [Ranking Rul 1.0(2020), Ranking Rule 2.0(2021)], insight into the development trend of the global design industry, and the multi-dimensional and multi-level modeling and calculation of massive data is used as the basis of various rankings. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences provides academic support to this result released by the Designverse Big Data Research Center after research.

Designverse Big Data Research Center, based on its unique strength of data and accumulation in the industry, provides developers with services such as certain industry investigation and customized research report.

On the background of that the developers (government development platforms, developers, brands of various fields and high quality private owners, etc.) are struggling not to get fast and high to match the design agencies, and that design agencies (architectural design, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, product design, public art, etc.) are more difficult in symmetric information to show their own design strength, DESIGNVERSE Matching Center is based on the big data of “DESIGNVERSE RANKING”, the scientific filtering tool, to provide the developers and design agencies of the big design industry chain with accurate matching service. Since the formal launching in mid-2020, the Center has successfully matched projects with the amount of RMB 52.56million, and the success rate of matching projects is 100%.

It has the global design media pool and awards pool, and provides developers, design agencies and brands with services – PR agency, domestic and worldwide awards application.

II. YoungBird Two Important Brands

designverse and Young Bird Plan

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designverse, on the basis of the website - www.designverse.com.cn, aims at an accurate matching platform for developers (government, government development platform, developers, brands, private owners, etc.) and design agencies (architectural design, urban planning, landscape design, interior design, product design, public art), at the same time, it provides brand promotion services for developers and designers as well as content products for professionals of the big design industry chain and creative enthusiasts.

Till the end of June 2021, data on designverse users

Young Bird Plan「嫩鸟计划」

Young Bird Plan is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecture design, landscape design, interior design, product design, logo design and fashion design.

We provide three dimensional publicity and creative solution through the tailored competitions for clients. For the past nine years since establishment, we have propelled the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Besides, Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing the urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. On the other hand, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers. Young Bird Plan has great influence in the design industry.

In 2019, the website of Young Bird Plan was upgraded and transformed and formally merged into designverse website platform (www.designverse.com.cn). The platform aims to encourage young people to design with originality and in design thinking, and to have positive dialogue with the global design industry and industrial development. In a word, it strives for connecting young bird works and design talents to the most influential design platform and cutting-edge design ecosystem all over the world.


Company Phone: +86 21-62585617 (Office hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. M-F, CST)

DESIGNVERSE Content Center: verse@designverse.com.cn (planning / architecture / interior / landscape)

product@designverse.com.cn (product / industrial)

DESIGNVERSE Big Data Research Center: ranking@designverse.com.cn

DESIGNVERSE Matching Center: matching@desigverse.com.cn

Young Bird Big Event Planning Operation Center: competition@youngbird.com.cn

Other Business: youngbirds@youngbird.com.cn

Complaints and Suggestions: info@designverse.com.cn

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