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Rethinking the meaning of function

Release Time: March 28, 2022

Design: Hyunje Joo

Architect: Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

Project Year: 03.2022.

Size: 45mx18mx3(H)m

Location: 237, Gamcheon-ro, Seo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Photographer: Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

Client: Busan Architecture Festival, HUG

Manufacturers: Fabbros studio (Yonghyun Kim, Jacky Jung)

Material: steel pipe

South KoreaHyunje Joo、 Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

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'Dreamy Playground', the winner of the design competition to create a cultural space in the city, provides a new perspective on the everyday.

Structure and unstructure.

Many steel pipes are installed in the park, a mix of fake and real columns under load.

The structure is made up of various forms, so it is difficult for people to distinguish the correct function of the pipe. this unspecified form stimulates people's curiosity and is used differently by users.

Rethinking the meaning of function.

The “Dreamy Playground” used to teach to think outside of the box.

In other words, we propose a flexible form that is inferred and used in various ways by users, rather than one fixed usage.

We hope that it will be an opportunity to ask ourselves once again about the fixed functions.

diagram: (top)Febbros, (down)Hyunje Joo_Baukunst

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