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Release Time: September 7, 2020

Architect Information

Company name : Aisaka Architects’ Atelier

Address : 1-3-11-2F, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Phone : +81-3-6380-9140

E-mail : aisaka@aisaka.info

URL : www.aisaka.info

Credit Information

Architecture : Aisaka Architects’ Atelier

Photography : Shigeo Ogawa

Project Outline

Location : Fukushima-City , Fukushima

Date of Completion : December, 2019

Principal Use : Nursery School

Structure : Wooden

Site Area : 1252.83m2

Building Area : 748.60m2

Total Floor Area : 962.14m2 (418.29m2/1F, 510.88m2/2F, 32.97m2/PH)

Structure : Kanebako Structural Engineers

Equipment : P.T.Morimura & Assosiates , LTD

Lighting Design : Komorebi Design

Sign Design: Morld

Material Information

Exterior Finish : (Perimeter) Galvalume Steel Plate ,  (Courtyard Side) Ceramic Siding

Floor : Oak Flooring

Wall : Vinyl Cloth

Ceiling : Rock Wool Board


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PEDESTRIAN APPROACH using neighbor's gateway © Shigeo Ogawa

This nursery school for 90 students named “TESORO” (meaning treasure box in Italian) is located in a residential neighborhood in the city of Fukushima.

NORTH ELEVATION fitting in with the surroundings © Shigeo Ogawa

SKYLINE blending into the mountains © Shigeo Ogawa

In order to create an environment in which children can play freely, we proposed consolidating their private road into the site. While maintaining the function as an approach for vehicles on the ground, we could put nursery rooms above the road, thereby securing space for a large, open-air play area in the center of low -story building.

GRAY STRAP going up and down © Shigeo Ogawa

COURTYARD with mountain view © Shigeo Ogawa

VARIOUS ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS as play equipment © Shigeo Ogawa

This architecture opens east for a great view of the magnificent mountains. With interconnected circulation routes weaving together interior and exterior spaces, the building itself is like a giant play structure incorporating a slide, a climbing wall, and staircases of various sizes. And an undulating concrete wall pierced by numerous holes wraps around the building, enhancing security and privacy. In addition to this sturdy reinforced concrete, materials include wooden wainscotting inside and in high-visibility exterior areas, and easy-to-maintain Galvalume roofing and siding in areas exposed to blowing snow.

VEHICLE APPROACH below overhanged second floor © Shigeo Ogawa

ENTRANCE HALL and OFFICE at the end of the piloti © Shigeo Ogawa

NIGHT VIEW within warm color lighting © Shigeo Ogawa

The design also includes as-yet unused exterior spaces that in the future might be sites for rooftop vegetable beds or a futsal court, while the exterior flooring can be converted into wood decks. In this way, we hope that the school as it stands now represents not its peak state but rather a starting point for staff to work toward dreams and goals in a building they love over the next five or ten years.

BABY NURSERY ROOM near the toilet © Shigeo Ogawa

INFANT NURSERY ROOM and temporaly nursery room © Shigeo Ogawa

HALL incorporating the edge of the mountain © Shigeo Ogawa

LUNCH ROOM facing two courtyard © Shigeo Ogawa

KITCHEN helping dietary education © Shigeo Ogawa

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