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Release Time: April 7, 2021

Project Title: Shanghai MixC Mall Landscape Design

Location: Shanghai, China

Client: China Resource Land East

Landscape Architect: Lab D+H

Architect: RTKL

Size: 4.5 ha

Scope Area: Open space/Public Green along the Mall, 6F Roof

Design period: 2016.12 - 2017.07

Construction period: 2017.06 - 2017.09

Principal in-charge: YoungJoon Choi

Project Design Team: YoungJoon Choi, Tai Hao, Lan Hao

Photographer: Arch-Exist


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Shanghai MixC Mall is 580m-long giant sized mall located along Wuzhong Rd in Shanghai. The site includes more than 80% public green areas where the surface is required to be covered by greenery and to provide with public amenities. Our point of departure was the belief that by considering the public open space and private development goals as an integrated whole, we could draw upon the accessibility to the site from metro stations and the vitality from another huge mall across the street as a place of recreation and of commerce to create a place that would be both a lively, vibrant part of the city, and a beautiful and inviting new part of the district.


In front of three main entrances of the mall, we proposed open and flexible plazas for various commercial events, while 40m width public green areas between plazas are creating an urban park ambiance. Along the Ginkgo Avenue, the promenade with 2 rows of ginkgo tree, series of moment of special experiences are placed - music fountain, petal canopy, event lawn, sunken fountain, led screen, tree plaza.


40m deep public green area allows more than 100m long diagonal entry plaza on both side of the site. As east corner is the main traffic intersection at the road and the main entry of the building, the most vibrant urban activities and commercial events are expected. Our primary approach to this area is how to staging the urban plaza to activate and to curate flexible programs. While rich textured stone paving pattern laid out in linear arrangement to encourage people’s movement and diverse programs, edges of the square are enclosed by sculptural planters and long benches in order to support the flexibility of plaza.



East Main Plaza Components - Feature Wall / Sculptural Bench / Petal Canopy

Feature wall creates a sleek micro topography which resonates with a geometry of massive shopping mall building as well as guides visitors into the mall. At pedestrian level, juxtaposed layers of the wall and planting work as a green buffer from the adjacent roads. On plaza side of the wall, Sculptural Bench is added on top of the feature wall to provide with theatrical setting towards plaza in the middle along with resting spots for shoppers. Perforated pattern on bench surface makes an interesting rhythm on bench surface as well as makes the long bench blend into the surrounding. The 3 Petal-shape Canopies are shade structures for people in the lawn, its upper lattices and structural trunks are integrated like tree structure and it becomes an iconic element in the large lawn area.

Recessed linear Pattern at Wall ©Arch-Exist



Topographic silhouette of backrest ©Arch-Exist

3 different sizes of holes, handrest, deterrent ©Arch-Exist

Exploded axon of Canopy structure ‘trunk’ and Leaf-like lattices

Elavation of Petal Canopy


MUSIC FOUNTAIN / Ginkgo Avenue

Due to Green ratio requirement, north side of the landscape area has to be covered by green and in order to comply with fire safety code, a corridor in front of the building has to be open. We took these requirements as an opportunity for stitching between public green and store frontage area along the mall. Music Fountain is 130m long laminar flow animated fountain that choreographed to the music playing in the park. It is divided in 9 sections of the pool, one typical design and the mirrored one repeat alternately along the length. Ginkgo Avenue is a paved ginkgo tree alley way traverses the whole site from east plaza to west plaza, is intended to encourage visitors to walk across the long distance site.  Music Fountain and Ginkgo Avenue are the strategic urban seams that reconcile public realm and private sector.


Section of Music Fountain

Tilted Bench, Steps, Pool, Hidden Laminar Nozzle, Cistern ©Arch-Exist



Multiple versions of sculpture designs

Last Proposed scheme by Lab D+H (Left) Lab D+H Built design by UAP (Right)

Side Water fall detail ©Arch-Exist

Coffee & Tea Plaza 咖啡茶饮广场 ©Arch-Exist

Canopy for Underground parking entry ©Arch-Exist


Sunken plaza is a pedestrian traffic node where metro station and shopping mall intersect. The wall facing to b1 level and the steps on both sides are great opportunities for urban theatrical setting of various activities and events expected in this area. The murmuring streams flow down both the wall fountain which made of thousands of pixelated stones in the middle and the steps at each end of the sunken plaza. The lively patterned green wall softens the space and brings vibrancy in. The table in front of the water invites people to stay and interact with water. The gradual change of paving pattern implies the focal view towards fountain. Thus a stage is created naturally with enclosed space and dynamic fountain wall as backdrop.

Section of Sunken Plaza ©Arch-Exist

Social Seating wall at Sunken Plaza ©Arch-Exist

10,000 mirror blocks at cascade ©Arch-Exist



Since this location is the space behind the sunken plaza where people can stay and rest, at the same time it is the edge of West plaza, Tree Plaza provides social lounging area for group of people to gather and rest. It consisted of an alternation between two elements - a decent size of Zelkova tree for a shade and an uniquely designed urban furniture for various forms of rest.

Socializing Platform ©Arch-Exist



Given architectural programs at 6F floor such as bookstore, vip lounge, restaurants, coffee & tea house are diverse in terms of user generations and activities expected. Also big skylight well which occupies west half of the roof area with the height of 1.2m tall side wall set an extraordinary spatial quality. We created a platform similar to the scale of skylight well on the other side and facilitated various programs around and on the platform taking advantage of the thickness of it. Elevated deck area ensures soil depth for the planting and provides table and chair area on top as well as allows to install relaxed yet interactive furnitures on edges.


Additional Design elements to be added

Pictures from Visitors

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