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Release Time: May 10, 2022

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Within the ‘Shell’

外立面 © WDi

Sco-Soc is a new independent coffee brand. Its first store locates at the ground floor of community business in Nanjing Olympic New City. Along the open façade facing inner street, it is a corner cut from a circle. It is a small store taking up only 18 m2. In the layout, the first thing to confirm is the location of coffee bar. Usually, it has fixed function requirement where the most common layout is like Chinese character ‘二’.The width of the front bar、the operation channel and back bar is 1m while the length is about 4m. This is the only solution for this irregular site.

自然光下 © WDi

Within the total 18 m2, the bar takes up more than half and the rest space is more fragmented. Under this circumstance, how to form a recognizable public image?

城市展开面 © WDi

In dilemma between

屋檐下 © WDi

Confronting complex issues of site and function, what we want to achieve is precise space operation, like solving a geometry problem.

空间生成 © Mur Mur Lab

结构模型 © Mur Mur Lab

一叶扁舟 © WDi

An arc is drawn to intersect with the edge of the site. Two opposing strings are crossed into a ‘leaf’, which is a fishbone-shaped wooden frame. It is combined with V-shaped supports of the original walls, forming a new shading for the public area.

入口 © WDi

新遮蔽 © WDi

Since the space is already small, let some more out. The outward space becomes urban area under the eaves of the wooden frame and allows narrow interior to expend to the outside as well. Compared with statistics, people’s experience is always priority to make a comfortable space.

Is it true?

结构序列 © WDi

The cabin is structurally designed to be similar to wooden structure, but it doesn’t have structure performance. Professionals can easily tell. As for the public experience, the subtle difference between structure and structure-like decoration is intriguing.

人工光下 © WDi

Structure is one of the core issues of architecture. How to define the reality of structure? The material? The forces? Or the experience? The structure is fake while the experience of structure is real. Is it acceptable in architecture? I guess YES.

大概是可以体验“余裕”的瞬间 © WDi

Anyway. Till spring blossoms, let’s grab a coffee in Nanjing.

open © WDi

Design Drawing

plan © Mur Mur Lab

Artificial Model

Model © Mur Mur Lab

Model © Mur Mur Lab

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