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Release Time: December 27, 2022

Designer architect : OKDO

Venue Site : Otemachi Naka-dori Avenue, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Completion date : 2022

Site area : 2,500㎡

image : Naomichi Sode / SS

image of construction in progress : Miwako Kido



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We designed a venue for a sake-tasting event called “Sake Jump”. The site is an outdoor space of 2,500㎡ on Otemachi Naka-dori Avenue in Tokyo.

© Naomichi Sode / SS

We wanted to create a space that would convey the beautiful scenes of sake brewing to people who were not familiar with sake before.Rice-shaped balloons, named "OKDO OKOME BALLOON" were floated around the venue to evoke the image of rice grains being fermented by koji mold.  

© Naomichi Sode / SS

Under the OKDO OKOME BALLOON, visitors can taste sake while talking with sake breweries and stockists from around the country. The balloons softens the strong sunlight during the day and shelters from rain and softly emits light at night, illuminating the area like a lantern.

© Naomichi Sode / SS

The balloons can be set up and taken down instantly and can easily accommodate national tours. And because all parts are made of recyclable materials, they can finish their mission after the event is over without generating any waste.

© Naomichi Sode / SS

Layout ©OKDO

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