Roar designs pop-up outposts of seven local eateries at Expo 2020 Dubai

Release Time: January 24, 2022


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Architecture and interior design studio Roar has designed pop-up outposts of some of Dubai’s most beloved homegrown restaurants at Expo 2020 Dubai, shining a light on the UAE’s melting pot of cultures. From legendary local eateries to hidden gems, Roar has applied its vision to showcase seven much-loved household names to the international audience of the World Fair while maintaining their true essence.

These include, popular Pakistani restaurant Ravi Restaurant; Yemeni cuisine icon Maraheb; Sarouja Restaurant and Café, which specialises in Syrian dishes; Arabic sweet shop Feras Hanoun Sweets; Filipino restaurant Dampa Seafood Grill; Indian grill restaurant Chicken Tikka Inn, and Al Reef Lebanese Bakery.

Pallavi Dean, Founder and Creative Director of Roar, comments: “These are restaurants I grew up with – they are woven into the fabric of the UAE – so we wanted to retain a sense of nostalgia while creating contemporary spaces. We started by figuring out the DNA of each venue to keep its essence but making each restaurant relevant for today and for the Expo setting, which was really exciting”.

The spirit of the original restaurants can be seen in many of the intricate details, which serve as visual references and memory catalysts for the locals. The Roar team intentionally brought an element of nostalgia into every design, and worked closely with the owners to give each restaurant a truthful and compelling reinterpretation.

Pallavi explains: “Al Reef Lebanese Bakery is known for its terracotta bricks and we wanted to recreate this earthy, warm atmosphere by building an entire wall made out of them. For Feras Hanoun Sweets, we decided to construct a bar counter using similar barrels to the ones they have in the shop to display the sweets.”

Pallavi continues: “The original Al Farwania Restaurant is on Jumeirah Beach Road, which is lined with little grocery stores that have swimming pool inflatables hanging outside. We thought it would be fun to evoke these surroundings by transposing the inflatables inside the new Expo branch, but in neutral tones. The owner of Maraheb wanted us to include the emblematic lanterns that feature in all his restaurants so those were incorporated with our design, while Chicken Tikka Inn has red-feathered lampshades as a playful nod to the main ingredient on its menu.”

In addition to the nine homegrown restaurants, Roar has designed a new cafe concept specially for Expo 2020 Dubai called Canvas by Coffee + Culture.

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