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Release Time: April 15, 2020

Design: Valentino Gareri



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The proposed design is an answer to the fire that on the 9th of April 2019 destroyed the Cathedral roof.

The core idea is to provide not only a new roof for the church, but rather new functions for the community.

Each of the proposed glass dome (made of repetitive modules) contains a usable space and can be used as space for small events, an elevated urban park, a cathedral relics museum or a space for temporary exhibition.

The proposal has a precise provocative and controversial nature. Rather than proposing itself as a feasible solution for the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, it wants to raise the debate about what Architecture should and can do in case of calamities or emergencies like this.

After a natural disaster, should we replace what, in this case the fire, destroyed or as Architects should we aim for providing something more than what there was before? Does the emergency imply only negative meanings or are there opportunities for new horizons? This proposal has the aim to raise these questions and stimulate people to think about the answers.

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