Nina Barcelona Restaurant | Liat Eliav design studio

Release Time: March 26, 2021

Studio Name:Liat Eliav design studio


Firm Location:Barcelona

Client:Nina Barcelona

Area:65 m²

Location Marià Aguiló, 50, 08005 Barcelona

Photographer:Jose Hevia

Completion Year: 2020


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© Jose Hevia

The space is characterized by traditional building features, which were important for the studio to maintain. The main goal was to reach the right balance between the authentic attributes that radiate warm and intimacy and the modern elements. This was achieved by uncovering the original building materials and leaving them exposed and raw in front of the high-end modern materials.

© Jose Hevia

The large windows allow the charm of the place to spill out in an inviting way for the people walking on the pedestrian and allow plenty of natural and pleasant light to get in at the same time.“Aldo Bernardi” large streetlamps installed on the stone wall have a dominant presence on a wall so powerful in its materiality and its height. Conversely, on the opposite wall small bulbs were installed to produce a balance.

© Jose Hevia

© Jose Hevia

Preserving the original painted ceiling creates an authentic entrance foyer. It is no coincidence that the color pink was chosen to cover the bar, which produces the connector between them.The harmonious tension is also reflected in the floor, terrazzo tiles were integrated in a smooth concrete floor.The exposed electrical pipes, the air conditioning systems and the technical lighting were chosen in a natural color to maintain the industrial look.

© Jose Hevia

© Jose Hevia

A round bar was designed in order to create an intimate atmosphere while sitting at the bar. Building the bar was challenging in itself, installing a rounded Carrera stone surface within rounded iron angles required perfect accuracy during production and installation.The bar was covered piece by piece from a roller shutter door.

© Jose Hevia

© Jose Hevia


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