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Tables, console desks, stools and bookcases, original ideas in which the noble material is used.

Manufacturing metal in order to shape it into an appealing object that combines beauty and craftmanship: this is Mentemano’s philosophy. The Italian brand presents a new collection of pieces of furniture and accessories in which metal is the main protagonist, as a versatile as well pure and elegant material.

Mentemano is a concept leading to a consideration: is the “mente” (mind) which leads the “mano” (hand) to create a piece of furniture or is it the opposite, having the mind as source of inspiration to conceive the project?

All the products made by Nicola Gisonda are influenced by a unique architectural perception and based on attention to materials, functionality and space.

The focus on details and finishing becomes the essential element during the whole creative process. The products, through their shapes and lines, create a dialogue between themselves and the space all around. Strong character pieces of furniture, far away from the trends of the moment and based on a personal ongoing design research, looking for elegance, sobriety and personality.


Such as a planet and a satellite which ideally turns around it, Keplero is composed by two storage trays reminding of two other “satellites”. The metal coated base has a structure made of thin intersected elements to create a light design, giving a unique perception according to the

different points of view.

Just one palette available in order to give continuity to the whole structure.


Set of hangers based on a full profile structure composed by three elements with different shapes.

The lines create right angles as a perfect match with the square section of the profile. Arrangement of the set on your own preference.


A bended steel structure of curves with three double legs.

The circular stand top is made of lacquered wood and enriched with digital prints. The project takes inspiration from the movement of symmetrical images inside kaleidoscopes.


Console desk made of bended coated steel defined by clear and minimal lines with lacquered wood shelves. The two underneath shelves are enriched with digital prints.

The upper shelf is furnished with a round mirror offering a perfect make-up station but also a writing desk depending on your choice.


Bosco takes inspiration from a forest scenario and the intersection of nature and wood elements.

A bookcase composed of coated metal profiles with five natural CDF shelves made in different shapes. A dynamic piece of furniture, far away from the classical standards in order to reach a unique and innovative style.


The metal tubolar coated base forms a marked intersection of lines. The smoked tempered glass gives elegance and makes the supporting structure visible.

Two available shapes: oval and rectangular.

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