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The McCann Residence, located in Tuxedo Park, New York, is the first house designed by WEISS/MANFREDI. Developed in 1885 as a country resort oriented around three glacial lakes, Tuxedo Park is an illustrious setting distinguished by a number of estates designed by prominent architects at the turn of the century. Dense forests, dramatic rock outcroppings, and pronounced topography characterize this rugged timberland landscape in the Catskill Mountains. Leveraging the passion of the client, the house is designed to embrace this historic setting and express its distinctive landscape through the blurred interconnectivity of the home’s architecture to this picturesque landscape.

Ascending Route to Entry Level ©Albert Vecerka

Approach from the Village of Tuxedo Park ©Albert Vecerka

Aerial View to Tuxedo Lake ©Albert Vecerka

Bronze Door and Shutter Detail ©Albert Vecerka

Two massive granite escarpments define this steeply sloping site, located within view of Tuxedo Lake. The location of the rock outcroppings and sectional character of the topography were key elements in the siting and design of the house. Additionally, the  critical  consideration  of water run-off on the steeply sloping site further influenced the sectional development of the design.

Gallery at Entry Level ©Albert Vecerka

Entry Level Guest Bedroom ©Albert Vecerka

Entry Level Garden Room ©Albert Vecerka

Double-Height Entry Stair ©Albert Vecerka

Central Living Space at Upper Garden Level ©Albert Vecerka

The site’s topography is metered by a series of new stone retaining walls quarried on site that extend the structure of the century old stone walls that wander throughout Tuxedo Park. These retaining walls define program areas, shape outdoor terraces, and decelerate water run-off into the lake below thereby employing a site-wide water conservation strategy. The terraced gardens have been planted with a collection of local plants including ferns, mosses, mountain laurel, ash, and oak trees. Apertures are calibrated to vary from more opaque at the lowest utilitarian level to more transparent at the uppermost level.

Master Bedroom Open to Garden ©Albert Vecerka

Layered Stone Walls and Bronze Shutters ©Albert Vecerka

Layered Retaining Walls and Upper Level Glass Pavilion ©Albert Vecerka

An ascending route organizes the design, defining program zones that enclose three living levels and link the house to  a series of outdoor terraces. While the lower levels emerge from the dramatic stone of the site, the uppermost level is expressed as a glass pavilion to frame vistas to Tuxedo Lake in the distance. The lower garden level includes a garden room and storage areas. An exterior stepped ramp ascends to the main entry level that includes entry foyer, library, and a second bedroom. From here, a double-height stair hall connects to the upper garden level, an open loft- like setting that hosts the home’s primary living spaces.

View from Upper Level Garden Terrace ©Albert Vecerka

View From Living Room ©Albert Vecerka

Central Living Space at Upper Garden Level ©Albert Vecerka

Upper Garden Level and Terraced Courtyard ©Albert Vecerka

Terraced Garden Courtyard at Dusk ©Albert Vecerka

This level is an ascending series of platforms for kitchen and dining, master bath, and master bedroom that open to the gardens. Together, these indoor/outdoor terraces form an open-air “room” defined by the arc  of  the  house and the vertical granite outcropping. The house embeds itself within its setting, becoming an inhabitable topography that is open to panoramic views of the lake and hills beyond.

Upper Garden Level Central Living Space ©Jeff Goldberg

Living Level and View to Upper Garden ©Jeff Goldberg

Kitchen ©Jeff Goldberg

Exterior View of Terrace Level ©Jeff Goldberg

Dining Room View to Outdoor Garden Terrace ©Jeff Goldberg

WM.Topographic Axonometric ©WEISS / MANFREDI



WM.Interior Perspective ©WEISS / MANFREDI

WM.Exterior Massing ©WEISS / MANFREDI

WM.Ascending Stair at Entry ©WEISS / MANFREDI

WM.Ascending Route ©WEISS / MANFREDI

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