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Release Time: May 11, 2022

Location: Hengqin, China

Design & Project Architect: Aedas

Client: MCC Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

Gross Floor Area: 140,000 sq m

Completion Year: 2019

Opening Year: 2022
Directors: Dr. Andy Wen, Global Design Principal



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© Aedas

In the bridgehead area of ​​Hengqin Port between Zhuhai and Macao, Aedas has recently completed the MCC·Shengshi International Plaza — a new landmark representing the area’s evolution, with its integration of retail and offices.

"We sought to create a landmark urban complex that rises above the surrounding warren of high-rise buildings and reflect its significance as an important link between Hengqin New Area and Macau," says Aedas Global Design Principal Dr. Andy Wen.

© Aedas

© Aedas

The building form is modeled on the movements of dragon fish tail. Floor plates are designed with dynamic curves to create a staggered, fluid building mass. This presents a rich visual image that effectively enhances the urban interface, provides additional green areas, and echoes the Hengqin Headquarters Building (Phase II) on the north side, which is also built by Aedas.

Design concept © Aedas

Design sketch © Aedas

The building is hollowed out to form two towers in the north and south respectively. This creates an urban visual corridor as well as help facilitate the natural ventilation of the site. The twin towers are connected by a 5-storey bridge, inside of which accommodates office functions, maximising site use and landscape resources.

Volume evolution © Aedas

Connecting corridor © Aedas

Offices are afforded panoramic view of the city in the tower. Below is the retail podium, where a unique and vibrant roof garden is formed with featured retail villas and a dazzling cloud canopy, providing differentiated retail and dining experience for the consumers.

Functional disposition © Aedas

Podium roof commercial villa © Aedas

A fluid form inspired by the dragon fish © Aedas

Staggered volume © Aedas

Echoing the north-adjacent Hengqin Headquarters Building (Phase II) © Aedas

The facade is composed of glass panels framed in aluminum plates conducive to energy saving, paired with black brushed stainless steel; the undulating lines mediated by parametric technology is reminiscent of rippling blue waves.

Facade lines like water waves © Aedas

© Aedas

The design heeds to details with respect to the atrium spaces in the development. For instance, the tall, cavernous space in the tower is topped with a glass canopy to introduce natural light into the interior while adding vitality to the roof garden.

Tall atrium space in the tower © Aedas

© Aedas

The outlines of the rooftop commercial villa and the podium echo each other © Aedas

The design includes multi-directional entrances to guide the flow of people from all directions, engendering a convenient and efficient moving line. A 24-hour all-weather pedestrian corridor threads through the entire retail podium; coupled with the aerial bridge connecting the twin towers, the design artfully creates an integrated self-contained ecosystem within the development while seamlessly linked with its surroundings.

The aerial bridge connects the twin towers © Aedas

Podium Commercial Retail © Aedas

"We hope to present a building sculpture through flowing and elegant arcs, a becoming artistic statement for the port area’s sophisticated image." — Aedas Executive Director Dong Wei Wang.

© Aedas

© Aedas


Master Layout Plan © Aedas

G/F Plan © Aedas

2/F Plan © Aedas

3/F Plan © Aedas

4/F Plan © Aedas

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