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Release Time: September 9, 2021

Project name: Apartamento Luciano Cordeiro APS / Luciano Cordeiro APS Apartment

Company name: João Tiago Aguiar, arquitectos


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Project location: Lisbon, Portugal

Completion Year: 2019

Construction Area: 120m2


Responsible Architects: João Tiago Aguiar

Project team: Rúben Mateus, Susana Luís, João Nery Morais, Maria Sousa Otto, Samanta Cardoso de Menezes, Diogo Romão, Arianna Camozzi, Constança Lino, Francisco Duarte, Renata Vieira.

Client: Private

Builder: Oficina dos Sonhos


Photograph credits: FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

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Located in Luciano Cordeiro Street, in the centre of Lisbon, the apartment is part of a building from the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the buildings were characterised by having a great depth, which led to bedrooms and other interior compartments to be served by air shafts in order to provide ventilation and natural lighting.

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

Given the depth and distribution of rooms and to make the space more linear, the walls that could be removed have been removed to open and increase the living room space and transform the kitchen into a kitchenette. As a result, there are no longer some small compartments, allowing plenty of free space for natural lighting input, which now flows uninterruptedly from the façade till the air shaft. The kitchen, now opened to the living room, was highlighted by coating, both the countertop and kitchen island in tiger skin marble.

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

The main bathroom was painted in white with the bathtub area coated in tiger skin marble to make this space much brighter. On the ceiling, and benefiting from the floor-height, a trapezoidal pyramid was moulded with a central light box that zenithally lightens the space.

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

The bedrooms have not been touched, only new closets and carpentry pieces were introduced, which for their simplicity of lines and design enhance the decorated ceilings and mouldings. The apartment's patio also has been renovated with a new wooden deck, a modern storage space and barbecue.

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography

© FG+SG – Architecture Photography


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