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The Indian collectible design gallery unveils its second collection - a study of leather craftsmanship in collaboration with Cédric Courtin

Release Time: November 2, 2022

Address: Devidas Mansion, Unit N° 11, 1st Floor, B K Boman Behram Marg, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India

Opening Hours: 11 - 7pm Monday / 11 - 4pm Tuesday By appointment

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Mumbai, 26 September 2022: For æquō’s second collectible design show, the gallery is delighted to present Living Archive, a collection designed designed in collaboration with Cédric Courtin, founder of the Ateliers Courtin workshops based in the Pondicherry-Auroville belt. Known for his research and development in techniques around leatherwork, Courtin’s craftsmanship was for a long time a carefully guarded secret of the fashion world. With a global reputation as one of the most innovative ateliers in luxury, he has collaborated with a roll call of artistic directors, often on ultra-limited edition catwalk pieces and on weaving samples so conceptual that they exist only in tiny panels archived in his Tamil Nadu studio.

For æquō, Courtin has applied his signature leather wrapping to a series of objects curated from across North East India. Forms used as leather moulds during Courtin’s prototyping, which are usually removed at the end of the shaping process, inspire the fusion of material.

For example, a wooden stool that might have been used to produce a bucket bag, exhibits various forms of embellishment, each fitted with couture precision. The familiar silhouette of a traditional Naga chair is contemporised with enveloping softness. And a collection of trays and plates all come with a new tactile touch.

Each piece in Courtin’s collaboration with æquō showcases a different technique drawn from his rarely seen archive. Fringing, braiding, embossing, interlacing and basket weaving are all employed in finishes that are impossible to appreciate on appearance only. Behind the simplicity: hours of handwork, years of development and unmatched knowledge of his noble material.

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