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Release Time: September 2, 2021

Project Name: KAMA-ASA

Architecture Firm:

Naganuma Architects Co., Ltd. 

KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.

NAGANUMA Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.




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Firm Location:

Higashiazabu SS Bld. 4F,2-32-10, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku,.Tokyo.Japan 

#505 ,2-18 Sumiyoshicho,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.Japan 

Completion Year: 2020

Gross Built Area: 468.20㎡

Project location: 2-24-1 Matsugaya,Taito-ku, Tokyo .Japan

Lead Architects: KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.

Lead Architects e-mail: yoshida@kamitopen.com

Media Provider

Photo credits: Keisuke Miyamoto

Photographer’s e-mail: keisuke_miyamoto@icloud.com

Additional Credits

Clients: Daisuke Kumazawa

Engineering: Structural design,Ladderup architects,Takashi Takamizawa

Consultants: Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd.   ,Creative Real Estate Co., Ltd.


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© Keisuke Miyamoto

The rebar is a stick-shaped rolled steel material formed from irregular nubs called ribs and joints that are used as a building construction material. As KAMA-ASA Shop's policy is set on belief that good tools are made for good reason, it delivers to the customers excellent skills of craftsmen, which make kitchen utensils. 

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

Therefore, the most appropriate for the shop's space was to show architectural skills of craftsmen. The rebar that is usually hidden in the wall became the main design.

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

Handrails and furniture were designed with rebar. Although they are simple, they still require the use of craftsman skills. 

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

© Keisuke Miyamoto

The knives’ shelves are made from railroad ties. They express the long history of knives that can be used for many years.

© Keisuke Miyamoto

As designers, we hope that craftsmen skills will be introduced to many people. 

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