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Release Time: January 7, 2021

Project name:  Janelas Verdes Apartment / Apartamento Janelas Verdes

Company name: João Tiago Aguiar, arquitectos

Website: www.joaotiagoaguiar.com

Contact e-mail: info@joaotiagoaguiar.com

Project location: Lisboa, Portugal

Completion Year: 2016

Construction Area: 313m2


Responsible Architects: João Tiago Aguiar

Project team: Rúben Mateus, Susana Luís, João Nery Morais, André Silva, Maria Sousa Otto, Rita Lemos, Alexandra Tavares

Client: Private

Engineering: OMF



Photograph credits: FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

Photographer´s website: www.ultimasreportagens.com


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Placed on the top floor of a building close to the Janelas Verdes Street, the main challenge was to make the most of a small attic in order to increase the apartment’s living area. To transform the apartment in a perfectly functional duplex.

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

The intervention consisted in discreetly raising the roof´s south face in order to get enough height to achieve this project’s goal: two bedrooms, a bathroom, circulation and storage, thus increasing the house typology from a T1 to a T3. The plan of the rear façade was recessed, allowing the creation of a terrace overlooking the Tagus River and also benefiting from plenty of natural lighting.

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

Being the building’s top floor, the opportunity to create a game of lights by carefully placing skylights has been taken, thus introducing natural lighting in interior spaces, giving rise to unexpected contrasts of bright-dark, light and shadow.

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

The bathroom’s floor and shower were covered in Lioz marble stone. The stairs and the floor of the attic were both cladded in wood. In the bedrooms, white lacquered wardrobes have been designed, and in the master-bedroom, the wardrobes totally surround the bed in order to get the maximum storage space.

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

©FG+SG – Architecture Photograph

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