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Release Time: June 28, 2020

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Project Name: House in Minohshinmachi

Architecture Firm: Yasuyuki Kitamura

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Firm Location: Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Completion Year : 2020

Gross Built Area: 81.15m2

Project location:  Minoh-shi, Osaka, Japan

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Architecture: Yasuyuki Kitamura

Structural Engineering: Takuma Togo

Landscape: Akihiro Oku

Photographs: Masashige Akeda

Video: Tanpan studio


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North elevation at night © Masashige Akeda

The site is located in a new town in the northernmost part of Minoh City, Osaka, Japan, which has a rich natural environment. Surrounded by a rich natural environment Despite the fact that it is a development site, the surrounding area is lined with houses that have nothing to do with the natural environment or local character of the area.  

The suburban boundary between ‘city’ and ‘nature’ © Masashige Akeda

South elevation with outside curtains to regulate natural light © Masashige Akeda

South elevation at night © Masashige Akeda

Deep eaves and light roof at night © Masashige Akeda

In this project, the relationship between humans and the natural environment can be constructed at the boundary between "city" and "nature". They are searching. By questioning the nature of modern housing and intersecting it with the urban edge environment, the construction of a close relationship with the natural environment is achieved. It is to be expected.

Two pillars and a large top light © Masashige Akeda

Open plan living and dining room © Masashige Akeda

Dining room with a relaxed atmosphere © Masashige Akeda

Columns and Blue Sky © Masashige Akeda

The Roof of Blue Sky © Masashige Akeda

The north side of the site faces the management road of a vegetable garden that the neighborhood participates in, with Mt. Blue Shell in the background. In addition, there is a road to the south, and houses stand to the east and west. The clients, a young couple, were looking for a rich house to live with nature on such a land, and they wanted a house that would coexist with nature with a vague boundary. The deep eaves of the light roof extend the interior and the nested nooks and crannies create an ambiguous space.

Bright living and Dining room © Masashige Akeda

Open plan guest room © Masashige Akeda

A continuous window leading to the bedroom © Masashige Akeda

Bedroom with a green view © Masashige Akeda

Inside in the evening © Masashige Akeda

In addition, a pair of openings visually take the outside in to the center of the building, and a large top light allows the green of the trees and the blue sky to penetrate through. The curtains on the outside adjust the sunlight and line of sight, and the two pillars like standing trees give a sense of security to the generous space. The result is a light-hearted home that feels as if it is part of nature, rather than a landscape.

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