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Release Time: August 12, 2021

Project : Headlight

Designer : Lara Grand (www.laragrand.com)

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“Headlight was born during research I was doing on marine lighthouses. The lighthouse is at the same time a fixed spatial reference, but also, thanks to the movement of its light source, a night guide. I adapted this idea to the domestic universe in order to create a multi-functional light source.”——Lara Grand.

The Headlight floor lamp enables one to control how directly or indirectly it illuminates, thanks to its directional circular diffuser. The base of the lamp also allows one to angle the light source around a single axis. Very easily manipulated and in direct collaboration with the user it stands ready for use at any time. Its refined materials make it a sensitive object of the domestic universe.

Available in 3 models: floor lamp, wall lamp and table lamp

Available in stores and distributors LIGNE ROSET

# Product Design # furniture design # Light Design

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