Gigantium Urban Space | JAJA Architects

Release Time: November 30, 2022

Architects: JAJA Architects

Program: Urban Space

Size: + 3500 m2

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Client: Aalborg Municipality

Type: Invited competition, 1. Place

Graphics: Rama Studio

Role: Main architectural and landscape advisor

Status: Built 2021

Team JAJA: Kathrin Gimmel, Jakob Christensen, Jan Tanaka, Thilde Bjørkskov, Alicia de Nobrega

Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio


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Assigned to transform a former loading area into a new plaza, our vision has been to create an urban space where sports and cultural life inside Gigantium – Aalborg’s biggest sports- and culture center – are carried further out to the outdoor space. Shades of red and white playful streaks lead people from the street into the square and give identity to the concrete elements.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

The Red Carpet

Located in front of a green field with grazing sheep and a local bicycle route, the new red plaza makes a great contrast to the surrounding area.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

The red carpet guides visitors to the urban plaza, inviting them to stop by, hang out, or play. Many shapes of rouge divide the forecourt into different sections along with playful white lines.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

When following the lines, people are met by different rails, plateaus, steps, graphics, and greenery inviting them to sports, games, or just taking a break. The different expressions are all tied together, creating an exciting entrance that establish Gigantium as a place for sports and entertainment.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

Three-dimensional graphics

Designed for different types of creative games, the dynamic graphics created by Danish design studio Rama Studio gives life to the concrete space. Sketched with a simple white line, the circles, stripes, letters, and smileys all serve as training elements, wayfinding, and vibrant decorations.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

The graphics cover the different pavements and facades ending in three-dimensional shapes to form the fitness bars and rails and the plateau landscape.

PlusBus Stop

The new urban space is a part of the new ‘Plusbus’ program in Aalborg Municipality, a new, environmentally friendly bus connection that creates greater coherence between transport and urban development. A part of the assignment was to emphasize Gigantium as a ‘PlusBus’ stop destination by creating an exciting stop that invites passengers to the sports center.

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

© Rasmus Hjortshøj/Coast Studio

Plusbus is a BRT – Bus Rapid Transit – which is a high-class bus connection.

Plan ©JAJA Architects

Plan ©JAJA Architects

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