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Release Time: April 12, 2021

Project Name: Casa Para Invitados

Architecture Firm: Lucas Maino Fernandez


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Project location: Camino Interior Huitauque, Chonchi, Chiloe, Chile

Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area: 343 mt2

Photo credits: Marcos Zegers      

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Constructor: Patricio Valbuena /

Collaborators: Amanda Pino, Cristina González , Maira Olivares


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© Marcos Zegers

Guest House is located in the northern access to the city of Chonchi in Isla Grande de Chiloé, which seeks to combine the requirements of a home, with the creation of a new alternative income for the client.

© Marcos Zegers

In this way, the present work is based on two fundamental requirements that shape the project: as a first necessity, all the requirements of the residence as such are considered; what at the same time, is compatible with the development of a lodging, in this way the project is capitalized to itself by means of the promotion and tourist development that the zone proposes, betting on the new scenario of the information technologies regarding possibilities of offer your own home as an accommodation option.

Desenhos Comunicacao

The land where the project is located corresponds to a relatively flat site, 5,000 square meters and without much to offer from it. On the north, south and west sides, it adjoins other isolated dwellings. While on the eastern side, it offers a landscape that crosses the inland sea of ​​Chiloé to the Andes mountain range in the continental Chilean territory.

© Marcos Zegers

These territorial conditions are those that direct the view of the building in one direction, which in turn, exposes a privacy problem in the three remaining edges of the house for residents, as well as for neighbors. It is for this reason, that the west, north and south facades are transformed into a semi-exterior corridor, which is surrounded by a wooden latticework, generating a space that allows the interaction between the interior and exterior environment, being at the same time the corridor that unifies access to private housing and the guest or lodging sector.

© Marcos Zegers

As a general strategy, the project proposes a single volume that rises three meters from the ground, which houses two programs that coexist; One third of the building corresponds to the housing sector, while the remaining two thirds belong to the lodging or accommodation area. In addition to the above, each zone has an independent access located on both sides, which are joined by the semi-external corridor.

© Marcos Zegers

In the guest leasing sector, there are two rooms, each with a private bathroom, which share a common space with living, dining and integrated kitchen. As for the housing sector, this consists of a bedroom with a private bathroom, a yoga room or multipurpose space and a living, dining and kitchen integrated environment. On the ground floor or first level, there are washing facilities, storage and three covered parking spaces.

© Marcos Zegers

In terms of materials, the project does not pretend to be luxurious or of high standart materials. Its semi-translucent envelope consists of IPV pine, the inside of a pine table arranged horizontally and vertically, leaving a rustic feeling, dry brushed pine floor, pillars of Luma.

Thus, Guest House presents a proposal to problems related to the advancement of technology and leasing, as opposed to a house inhabited by its owner. A project that poses architecture as a protagonist, where a single volume takes over the terrain, which works both as a way of engaging, and as an attraction in itself for visitors. Finally, a volume that mediates between residents and visitors.


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