Boobun Pocket Café丨CUP.Scale Studio

Release Time: March 13, 2023

Architects: CUP.Scale Studio

Area : 40

Year : 2022

Photographs :Chamaiphorn Lamaiphan & Santi Aramwibul

Lead Architects : Santi Aramwibul

Artist & Graphic Designer : Kanisorn Kotsook

Interpreter : Wijittra Sateinbaramee

City : Nakhon Sawan

Country : Thailand

ThailandNakhon Sawan

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As I am interested in Thai vernacular architecture that usually features a wooden structure, such as the Thai house and barn. I would like to preserve local memory and culture by complementing each other functionally and environmentally. “Boonbun Pocket” is the witness of a past era and living examples of specific constructive techniques, styles, and materials from other times, especially a wooden structure, in which the owner also has a passion for the reuse of wood material in building. Maintaining them is therefore essential in making local communities feel a sense of belonging and shared history, especially if the building is a meeting place in itself and a wide range of activities.

The project is the bakery café where two private properties, area 10x10m. I have to realize the public and the private, minimize the impact of the new building on its surroundings in terms of shadows and privacy. So, it is elevated from the natural ground level of the site. To make the fluid and flexible activities and circulations are placed in the space with natural air in between. As a limited area of a small building, I designed the building without cantilevers. In total there are 3 areas of the welcome hall, baking kitchen, and living room. The specified range of floors and walls by the wood sheet which size “1 sok” (50-60cm.) to function as a seat, shelf, or counter bar. Moreover, it was essential to choose sizes and different types of wooden structures.

T surrounding buildings as the detail below:

  • The span of the column is 3x3 m. (width x length)
  • Cantilever 1.5 m.
  • Slab 6x6 m. (width x length)

The technique for the wall structure, placing a window between split walls size 0.5x1.0 m. (width x length) with mixed scrap wood. In addition, most wood has already been used once before. Wood becomes stronger with less moisture in it. This is part of sustainable architecture through material efficiency.

Boonbun Pocket is carefully crafted to express a sense of simple vernacular architecture by both designing a multi-function space and a multi-activity area. Meanwhile, a proportion of a building determined the perception such as elevation, fenestration, building approach, and coordination with woodworkers about the reuse of wood.

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