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Release Time: September 10, 2021

Typology: Commercial

Name of Project: Auric Hall

Location: MIDC, Auric City, Shendra, Aurangabad

Name of Client:  AITL – Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited

Name of Client’s Firm:  Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited

Contact Person: Heera Mohan

Address: Udyog Sarathi, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093.

Tel No: +91 80950 04923



Principal Architect: Mr. Rahul Kadri

Design Team: Anuprita Dixit, Bhumika Ganjawala, Heena Shaikh, Suvidha Mhatre, Tejashree Rajeshirke

IMK Business development Architect- Preeti Valanju

IMK Engineer - Harish Vyas

Site Area (sq ft & sq m): 154172 sq.ft  & 14323.04

Built-Up Area (sq ft & sq m): 179334 sq.ft & 16660.67 sq.m.

Start Date: October 2017

Completion Date:  April 2019

Photographer: Mr. Rajesh Vora


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Street View by Day ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

The recently completed Auric Hall stands tall today as a landmark for Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC), India’s first greenfield, smart industrial city. The 16,660-square-metre building, planned as the face of the upcoming development, houses administration and commercial functions, offering spaces that strive to achieve innovation and transcend expectations.

Entrance Gate ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Night View ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Street View by Night ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

The design pays homage to the rich culture and history of Aurangabad while creating a timeless exemplar of beauty and sustainability. A distinctive jaali screen made in Aluminium that wraps the building adapts motifs from traditional Mughal architecture, the resultant choreography of light and shadows creating a fascinating narrative. It also minimises solar heat gain and controls airflow through the building, regulating internal temperatures.

Aluminium Facade Screen Detail ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Front View ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Glass and Screen Facade Detail ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Entrance Pavillion ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Pavillion Detail ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Auric Hall also aims to enhance engagement between the state and its people. A large atrium is designed as a modern interpretation of the garden; overlooking a lake and bathed in glare-free North daylight, it provides a host of public exhibition and educational functions. It is enclosed by offices and indoor terraces on three sides, which themselves serve as social spaces for employees, encouraging cross-engagement and collaboration and becoming a vibrant centre of activity.

Interior Atrium ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Interior Atrium ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Interior Lobby ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Terrace ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Interior Lounge ©Mr. Rajesh Vora

Generation of the Volume

Generation of the Pattern

First Floor Plan


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