1,300 Recycling Pavilion | Hyunje Joo_Baukunst

Release Time: February 25, 2022

Design: Hyunje Joo

Architect: Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

Project Year: 12.2021.

Size: 10mx6mx2.9(H)m

Location: Suseongmot-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea,

Photographer: Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

Manufacturers: Eojin construction (Jinhyeong Jeong)

Material: Polypropylene


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© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

The temporary Pavilion is in dae-gu, south Korea.

Pavilions are created with recycled and repurposed materials.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

What if the materials with which we surround ourselves asked us to be more conscientious about how we use them?

The project is about providing a new perspective on the everyday.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

As a flexible element rather than a fixed element, a Pavilion consists of 1,300 the structural semi-transparent basket surface.

A relatively standard commercially available basket was reused as a pavilion.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

and we intend to reuse the individual 1,300 baskets upon dismantling the installation.

The surface minimizes the separation between the inside and outside, light and silhouettes beyond the space show through.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

This surface maximizes the separation between the old and new surface, day and night beyond the space show through.

The passage of time is more actively sensed from both inside and outside, as these light effects stimulate our senses.

The project is not about the “right” or “wrong” ways of using objects, but rather about highlighting their affordances or meanings.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

we say the intent is to create an economical, flexible, light, and recyclable flexible element.

These small but attractive and functional structures reveal the potential in the world of architecture to adapt to environmental needs.

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

© Hyunjejoo_Baukunst

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