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Release Time: September 11, 2019

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The Forest House was conceived for a music composer who recently moved in a beautiful fa-mily house in the countryside. His wish was to turn the old tool shed in an intimate, isolated andindependent space, where he could work and relax, for a limited budget.

Equipped with all necessary amenities, (electricity, wooden stove, outdoor shower, dry toilets...),with a target of 100% ecological materials, the project was allocated a total budget of 10000€.

This was achieved thanks to a very simple and artful structure design, and careful choice of ma-terials. Glass and wood works often represent a significant cost in any project. In our case, glasspanels and steel were taken from the remains of a destroyed factory, wood was chosen amongscraps from the nearest sawmill. Proximity of the suppliers was crucial in minimising costs aswell as carbon footprint, all the parts were then cut and assembled on site.

This space, though small in size, was conceived to give a sense of quiet, and intimacy with thesurrounding nature. Whether you are standing, sitting or even laying down on the convertiblesofa, canopies are designed to frame various perspectives on the vegetable garden, the beauti-ful 1940’s house, the centennial oak... and even the stars at night with the glass triangle . Lightflows from one side of the house to the other, and the ambiance transforms throughout the dayand the seasons. For the more adventurous, and a closer look at the stars, the flat rooftop canbe climbed on.

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